Easter 21 Wildflower Planting

What a glorious weekend to be out with a fantastic group of volunteers from the Friends of Tincombe planting wild flowers! Despite the current limitations, a great time was had by everyone.

Just as importantly the flora of Tincombe Green and Oaklands Field has been extended to give wildlife a better chance.

As is in keeping with our principles we planted wild plants. The plants were donated to Tincombe by Adrian White of Saltash Environmental Action. The plants included Primroses, Mallow, sneezewort, Knapweed, Basil, Oxeye Daisy, Salad Burnett and Autumn Hawkbit.

Apart from the hard work put in by all the Friends over this weekend there has been other great support. One unexpected visitor was local councillor Gloria Challen who came to our rescue with a lovely array of refreshments. A most charitably and thoughtful thing to do.

Thanks to everyone who is helping to make Tincombe a better place!