Tinkham Farm

The Saltash Voters List from the 1850’s states that Henry Batten from Burraton Coombe was an occupier of land including “Part of Tingombe’s farm, Daw’s ground, and Rundle’s, near the Village of Burraton Coombe”. As in the screenshot below. Often spellings cannot be trusted with names from the past and the only similar name locally I can find is Tinkham. There is a Tinkham Cottage and Tinkham Farm at Carkeel (Karkeel:) .

Do you recognise the farm building in the picture? 🙂It is looking increasingly likely, that historically ‘Tincombe’ (and Bewes) owned Church Town Farm which was known as Bewes & Tincombes Tenements .So was Henry Battens Tingombe’s Farm referring to todays Tinkhams Farm? 

What do you think?