Tincombe Quarry

The old quarry at Tincombe which was quarried for Blue Elvan stone, turns out to be an area of historical and archaeological interest. According to Cornwall Council the area is post medieval.

It seems that in 1888 the Quarry at Tincombe was probably being used as shown on the map. Notice the pond that was there too and the bridle path which seemed to go directly to the quarry. By 1912 it was listed as an ‘Old Quarry’, which would coincide with the closing of quarries around Forder around that time.

. It is hard to find much detail on the quarry, however the area is listed on the Historic England website.

Blue Elvan

Historic England are the public body that helps people care for, enjoy and celebrate England’s spectacular historic environment. The Blue Elvan stone which was quarried at Tincombe was used mostly as ballast for roadways and was probably shipped from Forder to Plymouth.

The woods just down from the quarry which divides Green Field from Tincombe Field is growing on the quarries spoil heap known locally as Slate Island. Next time your children are playing on the swings near there, take a look down the banks which are covered in broken slate!

If there are any archaeologists out there it would be good to know what you make of the quarry area.