• Tincombe Spring Clean 2022

    Tincombe Spring Clean-up 2022

    6th March 2022 Tincombe Park has never been so clean!. What a great turnout we had. A massive thanks to all our litter pickers this morning who came from around Saltash. Thank you to Toni Grenville Slade, Bob Jones, Chris Haverson, Kimberley Dawn, Shojiro Frank, Gill Morris & Layla. Thanks to Jay Williams and the 3 little pickers, Adrian White, Jayden England and Audrey.Thank you to Jenene Williams for supplying the cake  and Kimberley for the coffee more

  • Tincombe Tea Party 2022

    Tincombe Tea Party 2022

    Due to the great success of the first Tincombe Tea Party held in August 2021 we are glad to announce the Tincombe Tea Party is back and is scheduled to be held on 6th August 2022 at 2pm till 6pm. As last year the Sunset Swing Band will be playing and there will be tea more

  • Saltash Scrapstore Bench Donation

    Saltash Scrapstore Bench Donation

    The Friends of Tincombe were overjoyed when the Saltash Scrapstore decided to donate Tincombe Park a modern recycled bench. On 6th February 2022 Peter Ryland and the Saltash Scrapstore committee officially opened this bench which has a view over Trematon Fort and St. Stephens Church. A massive team effort has gone into creating this restful more

  • Queen’s Jubilee Green Canopy

    Queen's Jubilee Green Canopy

    14 apple trees and 2 cherry were planted on 15th January 2022 toward the Queen’s Jubilee Green Canopy. CORMAC and the Environment Agency have funded these fruit trees and the special thing about them is that they are all from the Tamar Valley. Some have some very interesting names such as pigs snout and lady’s fingers. The complete list will be available soon and each tree will more

  • Woodland Trust Tree Donation

    Woodland Trust Trees

    In December 2021 we planted dozens of Woodland Trees which were donated to the Friends of Tincombe by the Woodland Trust. We have planted 5 Rowan trees along Bramble Walk, 15 Silver Birch at The Drains below Slate Island, a few Rowan and Wild Cherry at the top of Greenfield and some more Rowan at Oaklands Field.

  • Greenfield Orchard Sleeper Bench

    Greenfield Orchard Bench

    Our second hand made sleeper bench was installed by volunteers on 16th October 2021. This bench sits between the two main parts of the Orchard and has a view of Greenfield down to Maybrook Bridge.

  • Our first sleeper bench

    Sleeper Bench 1

    The 18th September 2021 was an historic day for Tincombe. The community gathered to install our very own bench! Thank you to David Weldon for making the very first bench for Tincombe and helping with the installation. It looks amazing! THANKS TO CHRIS HAVERSON FOR DIGGING THE HOLES AND TO JAY WILLIAMS FOR EMPTYING THE HOLES  Thanks also to Adrian White more

  • Tincombe Tea Party 2021

    Thomas Tingcombe

    To keep up with the news on Tincombe Tea Party 2022 Follow our page. The very first Tincombe Tea Party took place on 22nd August 2021 organised by the Friends of Tincombe. What a great event had by all. We had Thomas Tingcombe ( Blast from the Past ) attend our Tea Party, the Sunset more

  • Friends of Tincombe – Logo Competition

    Deadline : Friday 9th July 2021 FRIENDS OF TINCOMBE NEED YOUR HELP AND CREATIVITY. WE WOULD LIKE A LOGO CREATED AND WE ARE ASKING THE PEOPLE OF SALTASH COMMUNITY TO DESIGN IT FOR US . The Great Spotted Woodpecker is well known for its sound and presence at Tincombe and so would like the Great more

  • COOP Donation For Bench


    Thank you to the COOP who have donated £200 toward a new bench here at Tincombe. Adam from the Saltash COOP came to Tincombe on the morning of 30th April 2021 to present the cheque. The donation was very gladly accepted by Karen Roberts on behalf of the Friends of Tincombe. The COOP have also more