• Clearing the Nature Reserve Pond

    The Friends of Tincombe very first event with Cornwall Wildlife Trust took place on the 17th April 2021. Our very determined volunteers took on the massive task of clearing the pond weed! It was purposefully a small volunteering event in which the Friends of Tincombe helped Stuart from CWT to remove invasive (and illegal to more

  • Easter 21 Wildflower Planting

    What a glorious weekend to be out with a fantastic group of volunteers from the Friends of Tincombe planting wild flowers! Despite the current limitations, a great time was had by everyone. Just as importantly the flora of Tincombe Green and Oaklands Field has been extended to give wildlife a better chance. As is in more

  • Donation from Cornwall Council

    Thanks to Cornwall County Councillor Hilary Frank, the friends of Tincombe have been donated he sum of £214.80 toward Tincombe Parks very first rustic bench. Hilary has been impressed with the way the Friends of Tincombe have rallied round to help make Tincombe a better place for wildlife and for people. The friends cannot thank more

  • Thomas Tingcombe

    Thomas Tingcombe

    THOMAS TINGCOMBE. Sometime back in the late 17th century Samuel Skelton sold Boraton (Burraton) Estate in Saltash to John Tingcombe.The son of John Tingcombe was Thomas Tingcombe. Thomas was a Yeoman, lived at St.Stephens by Saltash and died in 1747.In his will, Thomas Tingcombe left Boraton estate to his wife Joan. Thomas also left Wharaton (Warraton) Estate in Saltash to his wife Joan more

  • Wildlife Home Project

    hedgehog home

    The Friends of Tincombe undertook a project to enhance the wildlife of Tincombe as well as to help educate children about the nature that surrounds us. Local families and individuals built bird boxes, bat boxes and hedgehog homes to be placed around the park. Other members donated the wood, roofing-felt and another made squirrel protectors more

  • Mug Competition 2020

    mug competition

    Our very first competition was for members to post inspiring photographs of Tincombe and for other members to vote on them. The winner was awarded the very first ‘Friends of Tincombe Mug’. Liz Shaw was our winner. Other photos that were also very popular from various members.

  • Saltash Apple Project

    Saltash Apple Project

    In 2010 Tincombe became the first place to host a community orchard for the Saltash Apple Project (SAP) organised by Saltash Environmental Action (AKA  Saltash in Transition) for the ‘Making Saltash Greener’ Transition Festival. Historically, much of Tincombe was an Orchard and so this project helped restore some of Tincombe back to it’s origins. There more

  • Tinkham Farm

    tinkhams farm building

    The Saltash Voters List from the 1850’s states that Henry Batten from Burraton Coombe was an occupier of land including “Part of Tingombe’s farm, Daw’s ground, and Rundle’s, near the Village of Burraton Coombe”. As in the screenshot below. Often spellings cannot be trusted with names from the past and the only similar name locally I more

  • Bewes and Tincombes Tenements

    Bewes and Tincombes Tenements

    The document below is for a farm tenancy tender from 1912. It seems to correlate to Church Town Farm in Saltash. If you any information on the history of Tincombe itself, please contact us. Bewes AND TINCOMBES TENEMENTS, otherwise HOBBS and CROSS FARM, St. Stephens-by-Saltash, Cornwall__To be LET by TENDER for 132 years from June more

  • Fungi at Tincombe

    Wood Ear

    INCOMPLETE – Please report what you find! thanks. Hexagonia hydnoides Hexagonia hydnoides is so common it does not have a common name. It is a bracket fungus and loves to grow on damp dying trees. King Alfred’s Cake Daldinia concentrica This fungi grows predominantly on dead Ash, Beech and Sycamore. Mature specimens are useful as tinder for more