• Flowers at Tincombe


    Incomplete! so please contact us with your list. Thanks. White Clover Dandelion Timothy Grass Ribwort Plantain Common Knapweed Spear Thistle Creeping Thistle Scarlet Pimpernel Smooth Sow Thistle Perennial Sow Thistle Lesser Hawksbit Creeping Buttercup Bindweed Prickly Sow Thistle Meadowsweet Corn Marigold Field Poppy Corncockle Borage Smooth Sow Thistle Catmint Corn Camomile Corn Flower Comfrey Dyers more

  • Daffodil Planting

    Daffodil Planting

    The Friends very first management event took place today (11/12/20) and was a fantastic success. We had an absolutely brilliant first get together today planting daffodil bulbs. We have put a few dozen around a couple of trees at Tincombe Green, at the Community Orchard and at Oaklands Field. It was a great turnout which more

  • Saltash Golf Course

    Saltash Golf Course

    In 1921 Dr Grenfell built a golf course on farm fields in the west of Saltash which included part of Tincombe, including Tincombe Green and what is now, Tincombe Nature Reserve. The marsh at that time was drained to create obstacles and bunkers. You can see the golf course in the 1938 map. The golf more

  • Dragonflies at Tincombe

    blue damselfly

    If you spot a dragonfly at Tincombe not listed on this page then please contact us to have this page updated. Emperor Dragonfly Flying season: late May – early September Common Darter  Typically on the wing from July to October, but can appear as early as May and still be around in December if its mild more

  • Tincombe Quarry

    blue elvan stone

    The old quarry at Tincombe which was quarried for Blue Elvan stone, turns out to be an area of historical and archaeological interest. According to Cornwall Council the area is post medieval. It seems that in 1888 the Quarry at Tincombe was probably being used as shown on the map. Notice the pond that was more

  • Amphibians at Tincombe


    Amphibians are regularly seen at the Tincombe Nature Reserve and include Toads, Frogs and Newts. Amphibians don’t hibernate as such, they lie dormant, and may take advantage of milder patches of weather to come out and forage. Frog Frog spawn appears from January onwards. By March you should be able to spot tadpoles in the nature reserve. Frogs lie dormant during more

  • Butterflies at Tincombe

    If you see a butterfly not on this list, please let us know by using the contact page.  Brimstone This single-brooded butterfly can be found in most months of the year, although peak flight times are in April and May as the hibernating adults emerge, and again in August when their offspring reach adulthood. Comma This butterfly can more

  • Trees at Tincombe

    Gnarly Oak Tincombe

    Tincombe valley is part of the Forest for Cornwall project which aims to plant 8000 Hectares of trees across Cornwall by 2030. Tincombe was chosen as the first area to start planting and in 2019 105 trees were added to the valley. Tincombe now also has a community orchard. The Saltash Town Council tree Warden more

  • Birds at Tincombe

    Great Spotted Woodpecker

    This list of birds that have been seen within the Tincombe area. The list is non-exhaustive but will give a good idea on what to expect. All Year Birds Blackbird Blackcap Black-headed Gull Blue Tit Bullfinch Buzzard Chaffinch Coal Tit Collared Dove Carrion Crow Dunnock Goldcrest Goldfinch Great Spotted Woodpecker Great Tit Greenfinch Green Woodpecker more