Saltash Apple Project

In 2010 Tincombe became the first place to host a community orchard for the Saltash Apple Project (SAP) organised by Saltash Environmental Action (AKA  Saltash in Transition) for the ‘Making Saltash Greener’ Transition Festival.

Historically, much of Tincombe was an Orchard and so this project helped restore some of Tincombe back to it’s origins. There are now a variety of cooking and eating apple trees on a warm south facing slope at Tincombe.

Other orchards have since been planted all around Saltash. You can find them at Forder Field, Saltmill Park, Victoria Gardens, Saltash Comprehensive School, Bishop Cornish School and Churchtown Farm Nature Reserve.

Every year some apples from these orchards are gathered for the Kalan Gwav Festival in Saltash. At this event an apple press is used to squish the apples into a truly refreshing healthy drink for locals to enjoy.

The aim of these orchards is to help make us all appreciate nature, to eat healthily and to make use of our green spaces for food.