Tincombe Valley community space which is situated in the west of Saltash is a large area which includes Oaklands field and Tincombe Nature Reserve.

Tincombe Green
Tincombe Green by Si Robs

Tincombe covers an area of 6 hectares (15 acres) and has Rides, glades and open spaces along with a stream, wet meadows and a frog pond.

A place of tranquillity for nature lovers, dog walkers, horse riders and picnickers. A place of fun and education for the children.

Tincombe was the first place in the county that trees were planted, contributing toward the ‘Forest For Cornwall’ project which is run by Cornwall County Council. Tincombe also has its own Community Orchard organised by Saltash Environmental Action.

Tincombe stream (May Brook) runs from the frog pond in Tincombe Nature Reserve down to Burraton Coombe where it joins Latchbrook Leat which feeds Forder Lake.

Tincombe Pond
Tincombe Pond in November

The reserve is managed by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust and is mainly wet meadows with a stream, shallow pool, hedgerows and woodland.

Greater tussock sedge forms large, dense clumps and in the pond you may spot toads, distinguished by their warty skin, or common frogs with their smoother skin. They come here to breed in the spring months amongst the white water lilies and yellow flag iris.

Tincombe Nature Reserve
Tincombe Nature Reserve

Oaklands Field at the top of Tincombe Valley has more hedgerows and sloping rides.

Tincombe has a wide variety of habitats including open field, wet woodlands and ancient woods .

Look forward to meeting you at Tincombe. Visit us soon!